Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Retail Therapy of Hats

I never owned a hat save for my Dunman High cap that was part of my uniform back in secondary school. During the fisherman's hat craze some years back, I too borrowed a black fisherman's hat to wear once in a while, but the craze never really grew on me. This was because I don't have a head to wear hats.

I have a small head. I could pass of for a palm sized head if my shoulders weren't broad from my years of swimming. Having a small head would mean that when wearing hats, and covering up my hair, my head would look smaller. If you realised I don't usually tie my hair up, yup, cos tying my hair up would also emphasise on the small-sizing of my little head. I prefer to let my hair down, covering my broad shoulders and framing my small face trying to add volume to my head.

But something changed me.

I bought a World Cup 2006 cap in Germany. Okay, I didn't buy only one, cos I bought it for friends too, so I actually bought a couple, and I'm wearing one of them now. Not now as in the present moment as I'm typing this blog, but now as in recently and will be. The cap is big for my head, but it's something really convenient. During my rough patch, I had taken to wearing that cap around to cover my red and swollen eyes and to prevent people from recognising me. Okay, it's not like people can't tell it's Joan from looking at her hair, but still, you do get my idea don't you?

Now, Joan is walking out of my rough patch, and trying to pick up the broken pieces again. One easy way to walk out of a rough patch, is retail therapy. Not really retail therapy as in buying things, but as in spending money. I also have been buying lots of useless stuff too though. It's therapetic seeing the money flowing out of my hands, numbing me from other pains. Over the past couple of days I went watched two movies, sang ktv, and bought useless stuff like paper and notebooks which I still have yet opened up the wrapper, a whole range of body shop products, and my lastest aquisitions, a hat and a cap.

Counting in my sister's pink OP cap, I now have 3 caps and a hat.
I've like this sudden fettish for caps and hats...

This afternoon I was having lunch with Huijing at Siglap. Side track a bit... It's so great meeting up with Huijing again, so must share the pics with everyone~ One thing I like about Cartel, their lightings. Nice warm orange glow which someone told me always makes people look nicer. So, taking pictures would not need flashlights which would render the face an uneven pale shade with tinges of oil visible.

Here is one of Joan's famous self taken shots, with Huijing of course

This one is courtesy of this VJ guy opposite our table. He does have not bad photography skills, I must say. And I think he noticed that my camera was set to no flash mode so he double checked with me was it that I had not wanted flash
This is in high resolution mode, a good 1.65mb, but it's well worth it!

Anyway, back to my main point. After the lunch I felt this urge to buy more hats, so I got Huijing to accompany me down to Parkway for some light therapy. And I bought two pieces of material that could be used to cover up my head neatly.

This Adidas cap...
joan in adidas white with red details cap

And this cute beret from Xcessories...
joan in dusty pink beret

Nice haul for the day...

Seriously thinking, if this phase continues I can build up on my hat fettish and maybe one day I can have a hat collection comparable to my bag collection. (I have 40 bags if you don't know) I think the only person who would freak out would be my mum. She was the mum who seen her daughter bought a new pink handbag before leaving for Germany and came bag with three Nici bags, albeit one was for her sister, but there is no doubt that she would also carry it. So now, that poor mother will have to cope with that same daughter bring back hats at a rate of two a day? hehe~

Why this sudden fettish?
I think it has something to do with my rough patch. Hence the caps. The other hats are probably my way of hiding my head in shame, no thanks to my rough patch.

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