Saturday, August 27, 2005

Oriental Suite

I start the story at that time I was in Germany. I was online one day towards the end of my trip there, chatting with Jinwei. He said that he would be taking part in this Oriental Suite thingie with Audrey. They were both writing the script then. Then he said that I would probably be acting in it. Probably. So I didn't take much notice of it. I was too busy shopping for World Cup stuff and living the high life in Germany, why would I want to care about nitty gritty details about chinese drama?

When I returned to Singapore, I was swamped with stuff to do for the script writing competition. Going for meetings, planning and preparations and other stuff. And then there was the preparation for Matriculation Fair and Welcome Tea and other weird weird stuff. Oriental Suite ended up somewhere at the back of my head.

Then one fine day, I went to meet Peter Sau, our Chinese Drama instructor, that meeting was actually supposedly to be under the script writing competition one, but it didn't really matter. Until we started talking a little about Oriental Suite. Peter Sau turned to me and said, "So you'd be acting in it, right?" Shocked~ Then Audrey said, "She and Jinwei will be acting in it." Lagi shocked. Then the next day, I was talking to Jinwei so I asked him about it, he said, "Yar... Didn't I tell you?" "But you said probably only what..." I was indignant.

It isn't that I didn't want to participate in Oriental Suite, but why did everyone know that I'm involved in it yet I don't know. Why was I the last one to know that I was involved in this thing?

The Oriental Suite was fraught with much difficulties... But well, we did come out of it unscathed. For a moment during the difficult times, I thought I was going to crack.

I remember, when Jinwei played me out and said that someone else was going to act as the Prince and that he was going to be thing mute guy.
I remember, the day I first met Jinsen, and the horrible mix up when everyone was late and we were searching for his number.
I remember, the times when we joked about our lines and gave Audrey a hard time as we were too playful.
I remember, that day when I fell out with Jinwei because I was getting too stressed up and he was just as stressed.
I remember, wonderful Audrey didn't care that we were stuffing ourselves with oily fried food which other directors would shudder at the sight of it.
I remember the times in the dressing room when I interrogated everybody in sight because I was that bored.
These memories will stay with me forever...

Thank you Audrey for giving me this chance.
Thank you Jinwei for putting up with my stubborness.
Thank you Jinsen for so kindly taking in all my jibes.
Thank you Hexin for doing up my hair and make up.
Thank you Yujia for so assisting Hexin.

I've added another picture in the hats section. It's not my hat, not mine as in I don't own the hat, but also not mine as in I didn't get to wear that hat on stage. But I think it looked pretty cute, and I looked pretty cute, so it goes up that column.

Anyway, there are more pictures here.

blur blur jinwei
This picture might be a little blur, but I think it does make Jinwei look good right? lol~ I once told Jinwei that he looked like Jeff Chang, what do you think out of this little blurred picture? Actually I used this picture as I don't have any nicer picture of him by himself, and since I was going to put up individual pictures of me and Jinsen, I was scared he might feel a bit left out, even though I think he'd prefer to feel left out. hehe~

arrogant jinsen
Jinsen is supposed to act as an arrogant prince, but examining his features, I think he looks like a female in disguise. Jinsen has very soft features, big round expressive eyes, a sharp defined nose, and soft lips, every much the good looking proud female lead in martial arts novels who runs away from home, dressed up as a guy and falls in love with some dashing swordfighting hero who accidentally touches her breasts and finds out that she's female and falls in love with her and they live happily every after. hahaha~

pretty joan
Pretty pretty pretty~ What more can I say? Don't this outfit so totally fit be to a T?

jinwei and joan
Joan and Jinwei, all patched up le...
Hmm... Why is the Princess standing and the eunuch sitting?

triple j
Our family photo. Jinwei Joan Jinsen, all Js~ lol~
But don't know if you noticed this, but in this picture, only my mic isn't obvious, Jjinwei and Jinsen's mic are like sticking out like a sore thumb. You know why? Cos I'm a cam whore, I know how to make myself look good in pictures, and a mic stuck onto your face doesn't look good in photos.

group photo
A group photo. I thought Jinwei, Jinsen and I were supposed to be the stars, yet we were pushed to the back. Okay, it's fine that Audrey was right in front since she's our scriptwriter/director, but the whole line of girls who were smiling so brightly? lol~ Cam whores I suppose.

another group photo
Well, I guess we can say pretty well, that drama people are cam whores.

On a side note, notice how I misuse the term cam whore? Cos i've been labelled as one. I'm not saying i am not one, but really, it depends on my mood. Last Sunday I was totally off in Bedok Library, but whenI'm on, I can really be a big big whore.

Another thing, I've got myself a third Flickr account. I maxed out both my usualy accounts, so I got this third one since I so want to show you guys more photos. I'll be adding more pictures to my side bars as time goes on, so watch out for the pictures. maybe I'll just change the whole line of 1-12 since I'm doing more and more 1-12 now and you guys are entitled to the latest 1-12s.

Watch this space~

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