Friday, November 04, 2005

My Harrod's Bear, Nicolas

Every little child's dream is to be able to buy everything from Harrods, to be able to spend days roaming the whole store, especially during Christmas time. I am no different from any other child, although I must say I'm quite a bit the overaged. But still, after receiving the Takashimaya's catalogue for this Christmas, I became resolute to own one Harrod's bear for myself.

Finally I got this year's Harrod's bear as an extra early Christmas gift. Thank you~ I'm so happy~ Anyway, I'm so proud of my bear that this entry will be wholly on him. The name on the tag is Nicolas, but I'm calling my dear bear Nicky, sounds quite similiar mah... hahaha~ I love you, I really do.

Up next is a whole series of photolog on my precious baby...






I did the photo shots in my hostel room on my flowery bed. Nicky is now sleeping on my little pillow, the one I lug around to the library and lectures to sleep on, and hugging one of the little bolsters of the matching pillow and lying between my two big pillows and the other little bolster. Good life hor him? So slack while his little mistress slogging out swamped in work... wahaha~

Really feel like a little girl lost in Harrod's all over again. I been there before when I was a little girl living in UK, but I will want to return to visit the place once again. London, wahaha~ Almost becoming my favourite place with Harrod's, Thames, and Chelsea!

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