Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Viktor Krum vs Wayne Rooney

I went to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire yesterday morning at 10am. Yea... You must think I must be crazy to watch that movie at that time. I think I am, but I was scared that other times might not be able to get tickets, so there I was at 10am on a monday morning with like 3 hours of sleep the night before.

I'm not going to give a blow by blow account on what happened in Harry Potter, neither am I going to do a movie review for it cos I think more than enough people have done more than enough publicity for it liao, but one thing I must say is that I think that Stanislav Ianevski person looks like Wayne Rooney.

Just look at the pictures...
krum head007_head

They've both got this squarish face, they both got this big buff body, they both got this intense stare, they both got the brows seemingly locked together, and they coth got this face just that just shouts "come slap me, and I'll slap you back, hard!" They both are like so burly and want to bash people up anytime. Oh... And especially the maze scene when Krum was under the imperious curse and goes round attacking everyone else, he looked exactly like rooney during a football match!

I think I've just got nothing better to do, to put up something just like this. Anyway, I think I might watch the Manchester United vs Villareal match later. Just to watch how Rooney is like Krum. And by the way, in the Yule Ball scene when Krums greets Hermione, he actually did a military greeting, without the hand. His heels clicked. Okay, we didn't see his heels, but his body did moved as though his heels clicked, and I did hear a distinct clicking sound.

I like the clicking of heels as a military salute rather than the raising of a foot and stamping it into the ground we see nowadays. The clicking of heels looks so much more civilised and glam. Or am I overly affected by all that military history and nationalism I'm studying now? wahaha~

Okay, I'm doing a Wikipedia search on salutes but found nothing related to the clicking of heels, so I shall now type "clicking of heels". I wonder if there would be anything on it since I'm not very sure what the proper name for it should be. Okay, I can't get anything out of it, so the next search. hope I can find something interesting to share. Heck... I'll get back another day, can't find a picture of the clicking of heels. What Wikipedia has is only hand salutes.


Hermit said...

who is viktor krum.
dunno leh

xxoos said...

read harry potter lor...
he's a character inside...

bulgarian international quidditch player somemore... hmm... sounds like a certain english international football player sia... hahaha~