Thursday, December 29, 2005

Post Christmas Thoughts

I was browsing through blogs and every single one of them blogged about Christmas, then I skipped over to my blog and saw that on 25 December 2005, 9.44pm, I blogged about my upcoming KL retreat. Nothing about Christmas. Nothing at all.

Then I thought about what I did this Christmas. On Christmas eve, I stayed at home to email out Christmas cards. Okay, before I emailled them out I had to actually do them. I took out my Photoshop and pieced together cards, I did 4 designs and randomly sent them out to 50 addresses including 2 yahoogroups, so more than 300 people received my cards, but the point is that although I did send out cards to many a long lost friends, I also became lazier and more reluctant too send out cards as I went down my address book alphabetically.

On Christmas day I went for a family party. That's it.

This year's Christmas took me by surprise, maybe because I was busy and the year seemed to have went by that quickly. I was talking to a friend on the 23 December. She asked if I wanted to watch Narnia. I said Narnia was only going to be out on 22 December. She gave me a reality check, "it's already 23 December, girl", shocked... Yes, I'm that out of touch with time and dates.

I went over to KL and I'm back. I didn't roam any further than Berjaya Times Square, except for my full circle. People who have been noting down my MSN nicks would have noted that "full circle" and a corresponding picture was up, I blogged about it some time back, scroll down to see, I'm not putting a link, neither am I putting up the picture again, I'm now restricted from posting pictures cos I got loads of complains that my blog is taking ages to load, so bear with me for a while. Back to my full circle. Have I went one round? Or more than one round I have gone? I have no idea. I was talking to a friend, we concluded that knowing too much is not a good thing after all.

Ignorance is bliss.

Regarding my retreat, I've only managed to complete one short play and two more paragraphs for one short story so it means that I've failed. According to my bet with the angel, I have to call him angel for one whole wek, but upon negotiations last night, I've put up a picture of a man utd crest and the words "angel says man utd is the best". Yea... Angel says, not xxoos says (xxoos say? Grammatically is xxoos singular or plural? hmm...) I didnt stay up till the end of the match, I think I stayed till like 75 min into both games when I really cmi-ed. BUT I SHOULD HAVE STAYED UP TO SEE MAN UTD DRAW AND CHELSEA WIN!!! That would have been so good to niao the angel, especially after me having to put up that nick for one week. hai...

I have two things I want to post about, complete with no pictures but I'm feeling very dry, I've been like so dry lately, so I don't know when I might be able to post them. Maybe this calls for me to go on another retreat.

My Christmas wish?
Full circle.

I went sing K last night straight after I reached Singapore. With this friend, a lot of stuff came up to my mind again. Let me post up some lyrics from songs I sang last night...

寒风吹起 细雨迷离 风雨揭开我的记忆
我像小船 寻找港湾 不能把你忘记
爱的希望 爱的回味 爱的往事难以追忆
风中花蕊 深怕枯萎 我愿为你祝福

我爱你 我心已属于你 今生今世不移
在我心中 再没有谁 代替你的地位
我爱你 对你付出真意 不会漂浮不定
你要为我 再想一想 我决定爱你一万年

This is the first time I sang this song in KTV. I've wrote before why this song really touches me, I'm not going to delve into it again, either you know it or you don't I don't really care that much now anyway. But the irony of this song, and of Wubai, is that straight after this song, my dear friend unconsciously dedicated the following song...

不要再想你 不要再爱你
让时间悄悄的飞逝 抹去我俩的回忆
对于你的名字 从今不会再提起
不再让悲伤 将我心占据

让它随风去 让它无痕迹
所有快乐悲伤所有过去 通通都抛去
心中想的念的盼的望的 不会再是你
不愿再承受 要把你忘记


不愿再承受 我把你忘记
你会看见的 把你忘记

我不要再想你 不要再爱你
我的生命中 不曾有你

It's so ironic, after saying 我决定爱你一万年, have to say 我的生命中 不曾有你.
damn... I just ruined a nice day all by myself... And I didn't drink last night... hai...

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cindy said...

tsk tsk.. tt fren ah.. how can like tt.. dedicate the song and ruin the mood.. he/she sld b burned on a cross. hahaha ;)