Thursday, January 19, 2006

Birthday Party 25 February


I've been billed for my booking of the chalet and barbeque pit for my birthday party at Sentosa's Costa Sands. Yes, the bill came in this early.

So, I'll set a few ground rules here before I even prepare the invitations...
1. dress code: as little as possible
2. presents: necessary, as long as you received the invitation
3. presence: if I invite you, you better show up
4. time: possibly the whole day, and please try to stay over
5. food: please eat more cos I won't be eating
6. cake: Joan eats no cake, so there won't be any
7. haven't decided yet...

I've booked for two nights, so the first night would be my party with friends, all friends will be invited. The second night will be for my relatives, friends please go away. I know it might be weird holding a party with different friends all in the same place, but don't worry, my friends are nice people and the venue being at Sentosa, we can all just play fun fun beach games.

A lot of people have reflected that they aren't very happy with my dress code, so until I think of a better themed dress code, this will remain, and I expect everyone to be in proper beach wear, and do bring a change of clothes cos there might be lots and lots of throwing of people into the big big sea, erm... yea... There's a reason for me wanting a beach party what.

I've long put up a birthday wish list by the side, I know most of them cost quite a bit, but I don't expect any one person to buy those for me, grab a few people to share, I'm fine, just let me know if you are getting anything from the list for me so that I won't receive the same present twice. If you don't have any idea what to get me, can visit my likes and favies column, think it might help, and also note that I'm going to Germany, so maybe you can also get me something for the trip? hahaha... Okay, presents are not really that important, what's more important is the thought. Please give me lots of love.

hmm... Now I've something concrete to do. I'll be needing to draw up my guest list real soon and start making my invitations. This time I guess I'll be needing to more than send emails cos the last time I tried sending out those e-cards, half of my friends didn't receive them. I can't let this happen again. Then I'll have to draw up my food list and all those food preparations. Anybody wants to volunteer to help please approach me, I'll be eternally grateful. And then the most important thing, the guest book!!!

Suddenly feel very excited.

Hope you'll be there...

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