Sunday, January 08, 2006

Chocolate Machine

A quote from the daddie...

Sis: Jie, you want buy a chocolate fountain?
xxoos: No, it's so expensive.
Sis: No, it's not.
xxoos: It's $198, it's not expensive? Why? You want buy ah?
Dad: The machine is not expensive but the chocolate is lor.
xxoos: Nope, it's $19.90.
Dad: That's the lousy kinds.
xxoos: Nope, it's manufactured by the same manufacturer as the chocolate machine.
Dad: Wah... Imagine you can put marshmallows in the chocolate and eat. It's heavenly...
Sis: Yalor... So nice...
xxoos: Yup~ Very nice, right? You want to buy for us?
Dad: Don't want. Later you guys one by one blame me cos you fat.

This has to be one of my Daddie's best quotes lor... Don't want buy then don't buy lor, still can say that the reason he's not buying it is cos he's nice, he doesn't want us to be fat. Okay, you can say he knows us well cos me and my sister are the kind of people who blames everything on everyone expect for ourselves.

And my stupid sister, wanting to catch me for me less knowledgeable than her? Forget it... I'm always faster than her. I managed to read the papers today, before she sis.

Speaking of chocolate fountains. I love the one at Hyatt's. Their Mezza9. wahahaha~

Anyone wants to buy one for me? hehehe...

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cindy said...

hmmm i duno when was the last time i touch news paper.. haha.. but mayb u can show me the article i wanna see how a 198 bucks fountain look like