Sunday, January 08, 2006

Rozie's 21st Birthday

The night before our dear Rozie's birthday, we schemed and prepared and trotted down to Rozie's house way way in Woodlands and plotted to give her a big surprise. All for her finally being 21 years old. The oldest among us girls~

In celebration of Rozie's birthday, I shall retract my no photos rule and give everyone a big spread on this birthday celebrarion. A note to those girls, I've uploaded soe of the photos onto our gmail liao, some more will be uploaded soon. And another thing, contrary to all of your pleas, I did not delete any photos... wahaha~ So by uploading them all, any of us can blackmail you liao le! But we are all nice people, so don't worry. hehehe~

The partners in crime~
A pity Shuhui and Jiadai have curfews and Hamidah sends her regards. So we the naughty girls conspired to give the birthday day the surprise of the year~ Before this we started sending Rozie birthday greetings via sms and Rozie thought we'd conspired to send the messages together, she did not know that we were actually together conspiring something bigger... hehehe~

Decorating the card~
Zihui and Eunice met up earlier at Eunice's house to do that card and a short video, both containing loads and loads of pictures we took since we first met each other 4 years ago. Looking through all those photos, I don't need to be Rozie to feel a tear welling up in my eyes. How've we grown over the 4 years!

Finally, the card~
Messages from us all, including dictated messages from Shuhui, Jiadai and Hamidah. And of course handwritten ones from those who were present. Plus the pictures, printed by Eunice... awwwww...

The cake and drinks~
brought by our trusty mummy, Yingling. What else can one expect from our mummy? We came all prepared~

With all these, we walked up to Rozie's door. Erm... We couldn't knock the door or ring the doorbell cos Rozie's little sister was sleeping and we don't want to wake anyone up. So we called Rozie's handphone, no answer. We panicked. Rozie can't be sleeping so early, could she? We called up people to check if Rozie was online, she wasn't then we panicked. The last resort was to call Rozie on her house phone which might eventually wake her little sister up. So Zihui did the calling, and her brother picked up the phone after a long long ring. Just at that moment, Rozie messaged us, she was still awake! Zihui hurriedly snappedn her phone shut while we messaged Rozie to hurry open the door~

Rozie was like, "Oh my gawd, oh my gawd..."

The cake~
A thick chocolate cake with chocolate cream and white chocolate cream inside and the thick chocolate layer on the outside... yummy~ We ate only like less than half the cake and we left Rozie's family with the rest of the cake. hehehe~

A surprised Rozie~
Most of it throughout Rozie remained pretty calm, so this is one nice picture of her being surprised. Why was she calm? Dunno, maybe she's older ba... And more matured liao le... lol~

Rozie cut cake~
See the bear in the background? That was what we bought her three years ago, a Man Utd bear which functions as a radio. She still has it~ We were like awwww... wahaha~

Zihui presenting card to Rozie~
This was when Rozie has not opened the card yet, so she can still smile... hehehe...

Rozie open card~
Seeing the card, even me not having my birthday me can go wahaha~ Much more Rozie, right? wahaha~

Our signature shot~
Then we took this shot. The story of this kind of shots will be revealed later...

Now some group shots and some horsing around as the night went by...

This was the only decent group shot we took, thanks to Rozie's brother.

A prayer to the camera which left us all with tummy aches cos we wanted to take a picture of us without double chin so I thought why don't we take a picture from a high angle, so I raised the camera high and we all knelt down. The someone commented that we looked like we were praying to the camera and that left us in a heap of laughter, and the tummy aches ensued.

This one was the opposite, we tried to get away with double chin by putting the camara under us and we all looked over the camera.

We tried to take a group shot of us through the mirror. Can I say it looks more decent and hence this is a successful shot? lol~

We had actually thought of taking cab home after the birthday celebrations but considering many other factors such as money and Zihui retreating to Boon Lay cos she had to go back hall, we decided that maybe we could just hang around for two more hours then we could take the first bus home. We were pretty lucky that Rozie's brother was at his friend's place so there was an empty room and space for us to lounge in. We ended up sleeping way over the first bus.

Looking at some old photos, Jasmine had this craving for McDonald's breakfast, and that was where we headed the next morning~

Rozie, Yingling and me all tired and spotty. Me need to pull out my cap and hide myself somemore.

Five big breakfasts and one hotcakes.

With this, we left Woodlands by bus. Me and Jasmine too 966 to Marine Parade. It was a very quick journey comparatively I should say. Yingling and Eunice took 168. It made more sense to take bus away rather than take a routed MRT all the way around the country. Only Zihui left by train cos she was going back to her hall.

Towards the end of the post, I have maxed out my flickr account, all by one single blog entry, and I still have one PS to write regarding our signature shot. Damn... So much for causing people's computers to take ages to load, now I need to bring out my other flickr account to bring you the story of the signature shots~

PS: Above I wrote something about signature shots. Our signature shot is squeezing peoples' head into a single camara shot like taking neoprint like that. This was something that started out as an inconscious effort cos we had wanted to take group shots of ourselves but were hesitant in approaching people for help, so we stated taking these shots by ourselves. As outings and outings passed, we realised that this has become a very signature shot of us.

The very first time we experimented with it. Our prom, or rather the day after our prom night, or was it the night after our prom. But now to think of that that was like so long ago... We've started taking these kind of shots so long ago??!!!
JoanAngPROM 128

Also an early attempt of us taking our signature shot. Actually this shot has always been the shot we thought was our first attempt, that was until I unearthed that shot from our prom. wahaha...

A recent attempt, from the cycling trip.

A blurry attempt, from the high tea.

The most recent attempt, you guys have seen it before.

With these pictures, I've concluded one of my longest ever posting with the most number of photos and your page would probably take like a few years to load, but it's worth it, I tell you!

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cindy said...

hey!!! OH MY GOSH!!! Eunice is in ur click? haha she is my senior from cchs.. my section leader some more.. wad a small world..

cool vbday surprise~ lol.. wish i haf one like tt too.. simple and touching..