Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cardcaptor Sakura all over again

I think I must be mad. I took out the VCDs from when I was 15 years old to watch them all over again when I'm now 21 years old. And I still get emotional over all the cute characters, especially Touya and Yuki (I shall call him what Touya calls him, I don't care), and Sakura and Syaoran.

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Back to my glossings over Cardcaptor. I was going to bed the other day when I noticed that on my window hung a CARDCAPTOR SAKURA HANGING POSTER!!! It was there since like I was 15/16 that I hadn't noticed it being there.


The CDS girls bought it for me for my 15 or 16 birthday. I highly suspect it's for my 16 birthday but there's also a possibility that it might be my 15 birthday, and I've just passed my 21 birthday, so that makes it *pauses to count using her fingers* 5-6 years already. Oh my God! I'm this old. My VCDs are this old. This is starting to sound a bit scary man... They bought that poster for me because I was in a Cardcaptor craze then, and it's also rather scary to think that I'm still crazy over Touya and Yuki, and Sakura and Syaoran.

To give Sakura and Syaoran some credit, it's because I'm still reading Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle starring the both of them that's why I'm still head over heels in love with them.

I was talking to a friend about cute Yukis after she saw my previous posting about all Yukis in manga and anime all damn cute and damn shuai characters, so I took special not of Yukito when watching my VCDs. He's not say very shuai actually, but it's his aura. I was telling Andrew korkor that no man is ugly, only that they do not know how to show people their most positive side. Yukito has grey hair, wears specs and is half a head shorter than Touya. Okay, give Yukito some credit, Touya is really damn tall and shuai, so Yuki can't be compared. But still, look at Yuki.

*planning to insert a picture of Yuki, but something's wrong with Flickr* Damn... Okay, worse, I now have two of Yukito's face in my Flickr page. What's wrong with Flickr today?

Okay, now see Yukito...
He's not really that shuai, but if I tell you that he's a great sportsman, excelling in basketball, football, archery, among others, would you see him in a different light? And that he's gentle and a very very nice and well mannered person, now can you see an aura forming around him? That is called shuai~

Sidenote to Andrew korkor, if you want to be shuai, it's not about how you look, but about how you feel you look. If you think losing a couple of kgs can increase your confidence and make you feel as though you look better then so be it, but if you are lazy but still want to look good, this is a useful trick to use. Another useful trick is what I was telling you about the other time, the theory of Goebbel's Big Lie, saying a lie loudly and repetitively will make it become a perceived truth.

Touya is your standard shuai ge. Tall, dark, handsome...
Not only that, he's the leading football player in his school's football team. He can tease his sister to nuts which just adds to his charm, we all love a bad boy don't we?

But that's not the point, I'm not talking about them individually but then together. I haven't watched the scene where Touya transfers his powers to Yue (aka Yukito) yet, but from the building up to that scene, I can sense the increasingness of Touya's tenderness towards Yuki. A friend was commenting that I don't look like those who appreciated shounen-ai genre of manga, but actually, I do. I don't mind male homosexuals, but don't put a lesbian in front of me, I'll freak out.

I think I've said this over and over again, I really really love the way Touya calls Yukito Yuki. I think the person voicing Touya's really great, I can feel the passion of Touya everytime he mentions Yuki.

I've talked so much yet not reached my main point. The main point today is that I've watched the episodes of Sakura and Syaoran in the elevator when Syaoran first calls out "Sakura!" and another episode when he called out "Sakura" in front of Meiling. The emphasis is that Syaoran call Sakura "Sakura", not "Sakura-chan". I hadn't noticed this until I rewatched it after I wrote this entry. I think it's after writing things out and mentally analysing it that when you go through the event again you'd get a different conclusion.

As I was watching Sakura and Syaoran, I thought of myself too.

Syaoran doesn't waste anything, he started out feeling shy not knowing what to call Sakura, but when he does, he really called her Sakura. I don't think Sakura noticed it, she's not supposed to anyway, that Syaoran really called her Sakura without any suffix, she really means a lot to him.

Let him be HE. I never called HE by his name, not just because I didn't know what to call him but partly because I'm too shy to bring myself to call him by his name. Just like Syaoran not knowing what to call Sakura. But unlike Syaoran, I still am unable to call him by his name. Maybe for me it doesn't matter now since I don't think I'll ever call him by his name anymore.

Then there's also due to a change in circumstances that I have to bring myself to change my address of somebody to another name. I was introduced to him as Steve, and that was what I called him then, but due to a change in circumstances, I'm now calling him Steven. It's more like the opposite of what Sakura called Syaoran. She used to call him "Li-kun", but after he started calling her "Sakura", she started calling him "Syaoran-kun", I don't know when would be the day she'd call him "Syaoran", but that's certainly not within this anime. My calling of Steven as such marks, unlike Sakura, a distancing I have with him. Well, human relationships are that intricate.

Yea... That was my main point. When I was watching the VCD and came to the part where Syaoran called Sakura "Sakura" the second time, and the third time, it dawned onto me, HE'S CALLING HER SAKURA, NOT SAKURA-CHAN!!! It's a pretty important discovery because not Touya calls Yukito "Yuki" and Yukito calls Touya "Touya". And that everyone else in the show except for her father and brother calls Sakura "Sakura-chan".

Nothing escapes Tomoyo's eyes though. I like her look of surprise when she heard Sakura call Syaoran "Syaoran-kun" instead of "Li-kun". Likewise I also like that stunned look of Meiling when Syaoran called Sakura "Sakura" instead of "Sakura-chan" or "Kinomoto-chan"

From the name entry I wrote the last time, I also mentioned that I have no idea what to call this particular friend of mine, right? I now have slowly pondered and decided what I should call him should I meet him again. I shall call him by his name, not his nickname, not his shortened name, not his initials, not what other people would call him. Circumstances have changed, people have changed, and well, I have changed too. I'm thinking, really, there's quite a large possibility that I might meet him again under suspecting circumstances.

Unlike Cardcaptor, Tsubasa doesn't have all this seemingly there but not quite there yet relationships among the characters. Sakura and Syaoran are already a pair in the beginning of the story and Touya and Yukito are also a pair already, but of course there are different trials and tribulations for them.

A paraphrase from a quote from Tsubasa, the memories might be lost, but the feelings are still the same. *suddenly an image of some memory erasing picture flashes by* ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND!!!
read this
and this
The memories of events that happened between Joel and Clementine were ereased but when they met each other again, that strong feelings of love was still there never lost. Be it that Sakura in Tsubasa might have lost her memory of everything regarding Syaoran but I believe she still loves him. And again another paraphrase of a quote, Touya telling Yuki, that his past memories might all have been a lie, but at least from the day they've met, all their memories that they shared were real.

For people who have absolutely no clue about what Cardcaptor or Tsubasa is, can look at these links:
Cardcaptor Sakura

Wikipedia is absolutely amazing. It has everything. I can check anything from manga and anime to history to sports to television.

Okay, I'm going back to continue my VCDs already, hopefully I can manage to catch more intricate details that implies the subtle relationships between the various characters~


cindy said...

I USED TO WATCH this anime also!!! i love shaoran (sp?) !! he's so cute! blushes everytime he meets sakura!

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xxoos said...

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Fatboi Slim said...

Sidenote to Andrew korkor, if you want to be shuai, it's not about how you look, but about how you feel you look.

An ugly fat guy walking around thinking he's Takeshi Kaneshiro is still an ugly fat guy walking around thinking he's Takeshi Kaneshiro.

I know "shuai" is subjective and your sentence was probably said from the point of view from a female. But "shuai" from a male perspective is quite different. =)

Eunice said...

eh gal, only 5MB worth of photos.. very quick to download.. that's the whole version= 60photos, didn't take much more than that

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