Monday, February 27, 2006

Joan Kena Thrown into Pool

I just woke up. Most of the photos are still with Cindy and Eunice and I won't be able to get them till Wednesday, but since I'm so excited now, and I'm such a masochist, I shall post some of the photos my friends helped me take as they pushed and throw me down the chalet swimming pool.

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I'm quite a bit surprised I actually got into the finals as I think my blog is just like me, following my mood swings and everything, and the past few days I'm been like pretty down and didn't go out and never get high and totally no pictures laden. I shall make it up today~

Most photos don't actually show me in a very good light because I was sweaty and oily from the beach games I played in the afternoon and I was also buried by my friends under the sand, pictures with Cindy, so can't show u now, but you guys can read about it in her blog I'm sorry I'm doing the whole url instead of putting hyperlinks, I'm too lazy today... hehehe...

But at least I changed out of my beach wear and donned a sarong.
Thanks to Shihui, who helped me with the tyings, Stanley and William with their eye power, and the cds girls who came in later and helped to finish off with the tyings.

Before the celebrations, me took photos with groups of my friends, and well, look at this seemingly harmless people. I thought if anybody was to throw me into the water, it'd be the 4B people, those devious people who are capable of inflicting harm, but they as usual, end up cocking more than doing.
Three thin girls...

Actually they were saying that they hadn't wanted to push me into the pool, they only wanted to see the 4B people throwing me into the pool, but they had to go off early and the 4B people weren't doing any action yet, so before they left they said they wanted to take one last picture with me, and we stood by the pool, and down I went into the water... wahahaha~

This two stupid guys, to think I keep asking them making sure that they are full, they actually conspired to throw me into the water. But I went in liao le, so they wanted to down me a second time. Luckily Jinsen screw up and he just ended up pushing me into the water.

This is the first time I got into the water. I can't remember who was holding the camera.

the slipper came out... Lucky my Havianas float~ If not I'd have to dive down 2.0m to get them.

My sarong actually was also very light and not water absorbent which was good since it didn't weigh me down.

Eunice liked this photo, she says I look like I have seaweed over my face. Like mermaid like that~ hehehe... This is currently my MSN display picture.

This was what I looked like when I came out of the water. I think it looks pretty nice, too bad my face not that nice. Luckily I was too lazy to put on make up, if not my face would be ruined. Luckily I didn't change into a dress, if not I'll ruin my dress and zhao-gng like siao. I think I sorta expected that I'll end up so poor thing ba... bleahz~

The moment I saw the pool, and the 2.0m depth, I thought that that pool was meant for dunking purposes. Too shallow a pool, if you dunk someone in, there's a possibility that that person would hit his head against the pool floor and that would be disastrous. My friends know that I swim, I guess that's why they all had no qualms making sure I got into the water, I won't drown, even at 2.0m.

But the stupid thing is that nobody actually joined me in the water. The girls couldn't swim, those who could swim were wearing nice clothes and I didn't bear to make them wet, they also hadn't brought extra clothes. The guys who were sporting enough to be dunked were well, big and heavy and no one was able to get them down the water. sucks...

But the least I can do was to give people hugs after I came out of the water~

This was the second time I was down into the water. Thank you hor, Jinwei and Jinsen...

Me giving a chuchu kelian look. But no use, nobody pitied me... wahaha~

Okay, I shall end here, maybe I'll write my thank you entry later tonight, maybe I'll post the whole even blow by blow account with the pics from Cindy and Eunice on Wednesday. Forgive for giving so much parchment to my birthday, I'm only 21 years old once in my whole lifetime~

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