Sunday, February 26, 2006

Newly Minted 21 Year-old

The party was pretty disappointing in the beginning, but the friends and company really salvaged everything. *hugs* I love all of you guys, really made my day. This will be a short entry since I'm very tired now, more on the party together with pics later on.

In short, I got buried, I got thrown into the swimming pool, twice.
But I also got quite a bit of stuff from my birthday wish list, and lots of ang paus.
I also got fatter. damn...
The thanks you greetings will be duly sent too, after I'm well rested.
After all, I'm only once 21 year old.

Another thing to note, Cindy just messaged me informing me that my blog's shortlisted for the blogfest thingie, so please vote for me.
The link's here, I'm not so sure how to vote, erm... When I've sorted out my thoughts, will rally myself again.

Yea... and to the couple of people who left messages on my blog wishing me well after my that last emo-entry, also lots of thanks to you.

Think I'm not thinking well tonight, must be the drinks I had with my sister and my cousin, I've brought two underaged girls drinking, and we've made a date for me to bring the two of them for Brokeback Mountain. I think I'm getting more irresponsible as I age. wahaha~ Till later~

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Cindy said...

Hey girl Hapy belated bday.. sorry cld not attend.. arghh eunice forget to gif u my present. so not only i did not go, my present is also late.. forgive me!!!