Tuesday, February 28, 2006

You Know They Are Your Friends For Life

What sort of photos are able to bring tears into your eyes?
Pictures of war with dead bodies lying around, or dead bodies of little children harmless and innocent, or pictures of your loved ones who are no longer here with you, or a picture of that first love you once held to dearly onto? To me, it's just a photolog of my dearest friends preparing for my birthday party. I know that they will be my friends for life. No matter what I become in the future, a superstar or a lone beggar, they will still stick by my side.

But before I present you the couple of pictures which brought tears to my eyes, please do me a little favour and vote for me here:

These are the photos from Eunice's camera. The resolution is not very high. Eunice, did you resize the photos anot ah? How come the photos so small?

In parties where a number of groups of people are invited, it's always common to see the host not being able to be a good host and take care of every individual need, I feel quite bad not being able to stick around the girls for a longer time and just chat with them. But seeing them so understanding, I really feel happy that I have this group of friends around me.


As Jasmine was writing about she and Yingling picking out my card, I already felt a sense of warmth in me, snug and good that I had friends who cared. Looking at them writing my card, I was warmer and snugger than I thought I could be.



One thing about cards is actually that you can find out the price of any card from any decent card maker. Because cards are meant to be given away to people, it would be atrocious to have any pricetags stuck on the card, so to make do with pricetags on cards and also to make cards nett priced, card makers price coded most cards. Cards by Hallmark and other leading brands all adopt this price coding system. But the downside to it, the price code is printed in full view on the back of the card so a person familiar with the codings can tell how much the card costs.

Of course, it's not about the price of anything. It seeing how for friends fill up the card with their thoughts and writings and how that touches you. I love my friends, just as they love me. Thank you girls~

On a side note, actually although Forever Friends does have that nice connotation to it, I'm a big fan of Tat Teddy~ hahahaha~ Anybody want buy me metoyou bears?


I forgot momentarily that by holding a party in Sentosa, my guests actually had to pay the $3 entrance fee. I'm really sorry about it. But seeing these friends happily boarded the bus and taking that thrill ride over to Sentosa. I feel blessed~ To many people, this might be just a normal thing you'd do for your friend, but I've been through some pretty bad times lately. I think if you follow my blog you can trace my mood swings, yea, so I'm really really happy that despite all my swings, I still have friends who cared.

Last time when I was trying to get out of my depression, I thought myself every moment I felt horrible that actually I am blessed. I am blessed to have so kind friends and just happy to be in this world living life.


The girls making their way to the beach where I was being buried under the sad at that time. Wait on for one more day before I get to meet Cindy and get from her the photos of me kena buried, but I guess you can read it here at her blog if you want.


The girls on the beach tram making their way to my location, under the sand... hehehe~


Joan just out of the sand~ On the phone, actually that call was from the girls. They just saw me and snapped at me while I was still disoriented from the sun and the stupid staring banglas. Lucky I have Cingy and Xinli to block me from all those banglas.


At a barbeque, there'll be the prerenial question, who was to help me barbeque? I certainly was not prepared to barbeque, since I need to go around chatting with my friends and guests. The girls, always being the best, took initiative and help me and the rest of my guests to cook~


And also deriving joy in the meantime. Making out my initials with the food, I'm glad I'm jal~


I was pretty scared that by cooking they might not have enough to eat or that they would not be able to have fun, but they proved my otherwise. They were having fun playing with the food, making funny poses and they were in fact eating a lot too~


Me eating the food the good friends cooked for me. It fills up my stomach as it filled up my heart with warmth. I think I'm getting a bit mushy here, but what to do, me really so touched mah... wahahaha~


A group photo. Well, a pity Jiadai was not able to make it, but it's still great that they all managed to come. We all look so pretty~


Eunice managed to take some pics of me when I got pushed into the water. For the whole blow by blow account of me entering the water, here you go complete with pictures.


The girls would be the last people I'd have guessed who'd throw me into the water. Why? Because half of them can't swim! hahaha... Look at these two girls, sso frightened that I might nudge them into the water that they escaped far away from me. Especially Jasmine, I remember talking to her once about my beach party. She was saying she wanted to throw me into the water, but I said she won't because if she did that I'd make sure she gets into the water too, and true enough she quickly changed her mind after that. She's the girl when having PE swimming lessons have to go under the category of beginner beginner.


I had fun that night. Thank you girls.

I had wanted to put this up just now, but my internet connection kept giving me problems. For the whole afternoon and evening I was dc-ing and I can't even get anything done. I wasn't even able to have a decent chat with anybody and neither was I able to rally people to vote for me. The thing good about staying in a condo is that you have a lot of people all using wireless and you can tap into their wireless. Because my estate is pretty well to do, no one bothers to use password to lock up the wireless connection. It's not that I don't have wireless, it's just that mine isn't working, okay...

I was at some relative's house once, I did a wireless track and came up a long list of people with wireless but all security enabled. I guess different peoples have different sort of mentality. For all I know my neighbours might also have been stealing my wireless to use since I have it switched on 24/7 and mine isn't security enabled either.

You know they are your friends for life when you tear when you see pictures like this~


Eunice said...

I dunno why, but I just discovered when I use picasa to edit the colours & lightings, it'll auto-resize my photos >.<

will pass u the higher resolution ones to u tmr! :D

Anonymous said...


you know we love you! am so glad u had fun that night~

and i know for sure you're on my list of "friends i'll keep for life"!