Thursday, February 02, 2006

Stalkers and Hoppers

I've typed a long parchment of words before I selected all and backspaced everything. Self censorship I guess.


There was a question posed to me which I dont want to answer. A positive reply would seem too protruding while a negative answer would seem brutal. I'm too shy to tell the truth yet if I told a lie I would be hurt. Stuck in limbo, I shall write in circles and try to hint a bit or as some people might label this as, mindfuck a bit.

The answer is in you, and I should say I hold no answer to anything. (sounds like a bit too zen, but who cares sia... sounds nice can liao)

I think I'm indeed a masochist. I know I won't be answering the question but I focefully asked for the question to be asked when the said party had not wanted to ask what was to be asked. But at least I can get to confirm something, that the message is getting through, at least a bit of it.

I trust my intuition, and a bit of fate. Why can't you trust yours too?

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