Saturday, November 11, 2006

Goodbye My Love

poster 6 final

Offtrack presents a Come Back Production, a short film project for NUS Singapore Film (AY2006/7 Semester 1).
Where does our future lie...

In English and Chinese without subtitles and bad dialogue quality.
But the script is presented below, so no problems if you don't understand~

Part 1/2

Goodbye My Love Part 1/2

Scene 1: Prologue
HY: 你觉得出国怎么样? (What do you think about going overseas?)
Scene 2: Quarrel Scene
HY: 等下去哪里? (Where should we go later?)
MY: 随便 (Anything.)
HY: 你要吃什么? (What do you want to eat?)
MY: 随便 (Anything.)
HY: Eh, what's wrong with you? Are you okay?
MY: 为什么你要移民? 为什么不要留在新加坡? 你走了那我怎么办?
(Why do you want to migrate? Why don't you want to stay in Singapore? What will happen to me if you leave?)
HY: Come with me lah, I already bought your air tickets already. 难道你不要跟我一起走吗? ( Don't you want to come with me?)
MY: 为什么你就是不懂 (Why don't you understand?), I want to stay here. My parents and my friends are here. Why should I leave?
HY: I am doing this for our future. I am offered a better job at London. We can live a more comfortable life down there. Besides... look...look around you everybody is migrating. We should do the same. Isn't this for our own good?
MY: I just want to stay here. Why are you so selfish? My career just took off.
HY: We have been talking about this for so long. Why can't you understand?
MY: Yah, I don't understand. 你有没有想过我的感受? (Have you ever considered my feelings?) I am so tormented. I can't help but worry so much about you. Its only here that I feel safe
HY: We have to step out of our safety zone. Don't you get it? I am not going to be an average Singaporean all my life.
MY: We used to be happy till you decided to migrate and spoil everything
HY: I can't be bothered with you anymore. No matter what, I am leaving.
MY: Yah leave, leave all you want.
MY: How can you just leave me like that?
Scene 3: The Transition: Hawker Centre Scene
HY: How was your day?
MY: Very busy, boss wants me to redo the proposal. One of the office girls wasn't here so I had to do all the paperwork.
MY: How was your day?
MY: What time did you wake up?
HY: I woke up at 3pm today.
MY: 这么迟? (So late?)
HY: 昨天看球嘛,then和brother喝酒then一起看球, 球很迟差不多两
点才完, 回到家都差不多 三点了, 三点睡觉咯。
(Yesterday I was watching soccer and drinking with my buddies. It ended quite late, about 2 a.m. When I reached home, it's already 3 a.m., so I slept at 3.)
HY: 你觉得出国怎么样? (What do you think about going overseas?)
MY: 我们不是刚刚去峇厘岛? (We just came back from Bali, right?)
HY: 这样移民呢 ? (Well, how about migration?)

Part 2/2

Goodbye My Love Part 2/2

Scene 4: Dating Scene
HY: What a beautiful night tonight.
MY: Yah! See, so nice.
HY: Yah, Nice!
MY: Wouldn't it be nice to get married here?
HY: Really?
MY: Yah... Why?
HY: hmm.. 你觉得出国怎么样? (What do you think about going overseas?)
MY: 出国出去玩玩不錯阿
HY: okay....
Silence before fading out
Scene 5: Meeting Scene
MY: Sorry! Sorry!
HY: It's okay, it's okay.
MY: Eh? You read Dewar too?
HY: Oh? Ya...
MY: I've been looking for this book for very long.
HY: But, err... It's the only book in the library... But if you want you can have it first.
MY: Oh it's okay...
HY: No, seriously, I've got other books to read.
MY: Really? Thank you! But how am I going to return it back to you?
HY: Hmm that's a good question.
MY: Err, why not we exchange numbers?
HY: Sure
HY: Oh anyway your name is...?
MY: Err hi I'm Manyi, you?
HY: Err I'm Hung Yi
MY: Oh ok.

Here are some exclusive behind the scenes photos~

As you can see, or maybe you can't, but still, this is by far the project which I spent the most time one, 4 full weekends, which makes it 8 full days of filming and having fun. Yea... This is also by far the project which I had the most fun working on. After all the hard work, fun is still the key.

Miss you guys~


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