Saturday, December 09, 2006

Blogging After 500

This is the 501st post. It's a bit weird, feeling a mix of emotions in me.

Over the past couple of years, there's been a change in the style of my blogging every after a period of time, and I think now I'm heading into another style of blogging. At least I know, I've stopped posting pictures of myself for quite some time already. Okay, the main reason is because I've gained a lot of weight, but not just that, I think I'm growing old. I feel so jaded to do anything.

I've also been labelling my posts as you can see in the side bar. Each post comes with only one label, so there are no repeated labels and hence some posts might not fully conform to the label. I haven't finished labelling all the back posts so quite a few of the earlier posts are labelled, yet.

A brief introduction on the labels,

anime - Clearly regarding anime. I'm still thinking if manga should come under anime or books, because some manga ties in with anime, but I think unless a manga ties in with an anime, I'd label manga as books. ie, a manga without anime is a book, but if a manga has an anime, it becomes an anime.

books - Clearly regarding books. See paragraph above for classification of manga.

emo - Emo-ramblings/rantings kind of posts. Mostly regarding my bouts of depression and my rough patches and the relationship problems.

films - Clearly regarding films. Full length anime features are classified as anime even though they have their own IMDb page and they open in cinemas in Japan. I get them off fansubs and because I'd also have watched the tie in animes, so they are classified as anime.

food - Clearly regarding food.

football - Clearly regarding football. Not just Chelsea stuff even though I mostly like to talk about Chelsea, but also other aspects and/or clubs of football.

mememe - It's everything to do with me. Memes, announcements, clarifications, anything to do with the blog, or anything more in depth regarding myself.

musings - Musings is from the root word Muse, something that sparks me to write. Mostly are stuff that help me exercise my writing skill, can be an observation I made, or just some pure short writing regarding something non-essential. I try not to write in first person, don't know why, but I prefer writing that way.

peeps - Anything to do with people around me. Friends, families, my outings with them.

ramblings - All my ramblings. And also stuff with cannot be classified using the other labels, or maybe I might come up with new labels next time, or maybe I'll relabel them, don't know what the future holds...

school - Clearly regarding school. My life in school as a pathetic student.

shorts - My short stories. Not all of the short stories I write are posted in the blog, none of my long stories are up too, my ideas are also not posted. My fanfics are up though, all classified as shorts. erm... Another thing to note, my short stories are not necessarily very short, they are classified as short stories only because they aren't able to be classified as a full length novel, hence the considerable short definition.

songs - Clearly regarding songs, usually with lyrics.

spoils - Things I've bought, things I own, things that spoil me~ It's sort of like me boasting of my stuff.

stage - Theatre pieces and/or dances that I've watched. Also my experiences doing theatre work.

takes - This is a category to file the entries I've written which has a specific topic on hand, sort of like my takes on stuff. I think it's the more sensible stuff I write for the blog.

teevee - Anything I've watched from the googlebox. Recently I've been catching some dramas, real life dramas on some online streaming like youtube, yup, they are also considered teevee. So the Survivor and Amazing Race posts are all there~

travelogues - The logs from my few trips in Germany and the surrounding places I visited. Okay, there are still some backlogs which I haven't posted, I don't know if I'll post them, we'll see how. I don't think I'll make any more trips in the very near future. Trips to Malaysia do not count, not as if I'll be going to Malaysia anyway.

Anyway, some of the labels are sort of dead already. Travelogues have died out, unless I dig out the old photos and do backlogs. I've sort of retired from my theatre stuff and I seldom like reviewing about theatre because watching them already saps my energy. yea...

I project that the posts that will be up in the very near future would more or less be about my gripes about school and my life, and my sad life watching anime and reality teevee. Damn... Amazing Race 10 is concluding and I'll be damn bored. I really want to change my style of writing and perhaps inject a bit of humour here and there, but I realise that people don't get my humour and I am very disgusted by lame jokes and stuff. Ah well...

Also, if you're reading till here, I've a short notice to put up. I'm currently off MSN. I still sign in but appear offline, I don't talk to anyone online, so if anyone wants to contact me, sms me, try not to call me, I don't feel like talking, but I'll be prompt with my replies if I'm not asleep. Can also email me. I'm online when I'm awake and at home, and I'm always at home. I haven't been out lately, feeling too jaded. But it's refreshing to spend so much of my time with my family.

Maybe it's time to make full use of my holidays. Watching anime reading manga and watching whatever shit online is not making good use of my holidays. I've been trying to write but feeling so tired. And I don't feel like going out. I've been broke the whole of this month. argh...

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