Thursday, January 04, 2007


Lately I've been quite unlucky. Or maybe clumsy might be a better term, but it's not that I wanted things to happen. I don't know why buy increasingly I'ven been knocking body parts into stationary objects even though I can see those objects there before I make my move. It hurts so badly to see blue blacks all over my body, especially over my legs since it's the most oft hit part. My mother summed it up quite aptly, "Maybe it's not the furniture, maybe it's you."

Then yesterday, my unluckiness hit an all time high. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed (not literally though). I woke up, got out of bed, and heard a crack sound. I stepped on my spectacles and my lens cracked. damnit sia...

I went down to my optical shop to get the lens replaced. I thought my lens cost only $80 but it turned out to be $100. I remembered wrongly. Bloody hell, $100 for one small piece of lens lor, so expensive. Worse was that I didn't manage to get the shuai optician to tend to me. Even the store manager whom I know better wasn't there too. In the end this newbie tended to me. sian... After she tended to me, settled me down, then I noticed that the store manager was in the lens room busy with something. Then it was like 5 minutes after I sat down that the shuai optician appeared. I think he went for lunch because he was in plainclothes. Then after 10 minutes he got changed and started working again. wahaha~ If only I was 15 minutes late, I could get him to tend to me.

That was not the only suay thing that happened to me yesterday sia. When I was only my way to Parkway on the bus, this stupid little school boy from Chai Chee Sec brushed his dirty school shoe over my clean freshly washed thigh while I was attempting to alight. kanasai. Then at night at Marina Square, I met another inconsiderate prick. I was walking along the corridor outside the mall after watching a movie, it was raining but the corridor was sheltered. Don't know where this woman came from, she was carrying an umbrella and she brushed by me and my friend to push ahead of us even though she wasn't in a hurry and I wasn't walking slowly. Her stupid umbrella dripped water all over my leg and she didn't even apologise, not even after I gave her the stare and said very loudly that my leg was all wet. It made me feel so cold after I went back into the mall. stupid idiot.

I don't understand hor, how come the short path from the overhead bridge to the bus stop at Suntec City is not sheltered. The overhead bridge is sheltered, the bus stop is sheltered, but that 5m walk is not. It just doesn't make sense. The bus stop opposite One Raffles Link and outside the underpass from Esplanade is also not sheltered. No, the bus stop is sheltered, but that 5m walk from the underpass to the bus stop is not. It just doesn't make any sense.

It reminds me so badly of NUS arts. The bus stop outside Central Library and LT13 is sheltered, but that 5m walk is not and everytime it rains all the arts students get drenched. Wait, now to think about it, the walkway from the bus stop to Bizad is also not sheltered. This is so crap. Once it rains the whole NUS gets fucked up with students everywhere no road to walk unless they are willing to get drenched.

I think lately I've been so unluckly that I've been jinxing my team to keep drawing their matches. kanasai. Okay, maybe not to draw their matches, but more like jinxing them to get their players injured so they can't play to their best. It hurt to see them in such a bad shape.

Then just now I was so suay that I made the stupidest typo ever. I wanted to say "I give you another passage" but I typed too fast or was it that my brain to shut down that I typed out "I give you another massage". kanasai. That stupid asshole I was on MSN with took full use of my stupidness to his advantage and now I'm totally embarrassed. kanasai. To think I so good share with you that very funny thing. bah~

Maybe I should wash myself in pomelo leaves or something.

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