Sunday, February 18, 2007


I haven't worn a earring for at least half a year already, sometime between I did stick in a ear stick to keep my earhole open though, kept it on for a couple of days. I had to keep it on because I had trouble getting it in initially, think my earhole was on the verge of closing up then. I forced the stick in which led to slight bleeding and quite a bit of crud even though I wash my ears every day. I guess it's different washing the ears and washing the insides of the earhole. Anyway, sparing the gross details I shall carry on with my entry.

My sister came back from her shopping trip the other day claiming that she bought a lot of earrings. I thought that she had only bought perhaps like 3-4 pairs, but it turned out to be like A LOT more. Seeing that she has too many earrings and that I haven't bought a new earring for about a year, okay, maybe a couple of months, yea, since the last day in Germany, I bought a pair of crystal ones from the duty free shop in Frankfurt Airport, but before that I haven't bought a pair for a couple of months. Didn't buy any thoughout my stay in Germany.

Seeing that I have no new earrings, and that my sister had so many, I cajoled her into giving me a pair, which she readily agreed. I think it's because she also only have two ears, cannot wear that many earrings. Okay, although she has two ears, she does have five ear holes, so she can wear a lot of them, but that's not the point.

Anyway, check out the cheap earrings that my sister bought.

She allowed me to pick one pair out of all those and she'd give me ANY pair I picked, ANY, she won't change her mind. hehehe~ I knew she liked penguins, and she liked that penguin earrings, so I hadn't considered that, I don't have a special fondness of penguins anyway.

Then before I told her the choice I made, my sister said that she wanted to guess which pair I chose. So I let her made her guess. I thought that after being my sister for all her 16/7 years of life, she should know my taste quite well, seems like I was disappointed. lol~ She picked my choice on her last try, like after picking all the other earrings and only when left with that did she realise. diaoz...

Okay, a short guide to what kind of earrings I like even though I normally don't wear them.
- I like hook earrings.
- I like pearl earrings.
- I usually like flowery stuff.
- I like earrings that are of colours I like.

I didn't like most of the earrings my sister had, they were either studded, or hooped, only a couple of hooks, so I picked from the hooks. I chose the Scorpio one because it was pink and I like Scorpio guys in general. I would have picked the butterfly one if it was not hooped nor that the paint on the hoop part was peeling off. It didn't look that sanitary. lol~

I was only after revealling my pick to my sister, that I suddenly remembered that she was a Scorpio. lol~ I wanted to change my choice so that she could have her Scorpio, but she said it didn't matter. She only bought that pair because there were two in the range, the scorpion and some other animal which she didn't like. Because of her generosity, I didn't decline.

After I happily picked my earring and kept it with my other earrings (I didn't even bother to try it on), my sister suddenly said, actually there was another earring, and another earring which was part of the selection, which was not bought by her but by our aunt. And I was supposed to have one of them and my sister the other. She said that if I saw the other earring I'd definitely want it. hehe...

I was like, no wonder she's so good to give me one of her many earrings, she wanted to keep the earring my aunt gave us. wahaha~

My sister revealled a pearl hooked earring, with flowers painted on the pearl. Of course I wanted it la.

I was like,
joan: eh, you like pearl meh?
sister: the earring nice what.
joan: you will want the earring meh?

And then, and then, and then, I managed to cajole my sister into giving me that pair of earrings, and I didn't even need to give her back the earrings I picked out. two free earrings~

My sister then made me promise that I'd wear the earrings I'd cajoled from her, but well, it's been quite a couple of weeks and I haven't worn a earring since, nor a earstick. heh... But I think I'll be wearing one tomorrow if I manage to remember, not so sure which one I'd wear though, it's be either the above mentioned painted pearl earrings, a pair of frangipani earrings my friends bought for me for my birthday last year (see here), and yet another earring which was cajoled from my sister. It was a earring one of her friends made for her.


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hi, Joan,

Happy Chinese New Year to you! :) All the best in your endeavors this year and may everything go well for you whether in love or in your studies... :)

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