Saturday, February 03, 2007

Reminiscing X

It wasn't on purpose, I swear!

I was sitting at the bench with Yingling this afternoon before my German class started when my classmate came over. He announced that he was Yingling's classmate way back in secondary school. Curious, since he was from our area, he should have gone to a JC in that area. So I asked. VJ, he said. Actually, I think he did mention it before, but I never took notice of it until today, maybe I was a bit in the nostalgic mood already.

He struck me as an Arts student, so I asked which class he was from. I didn't really expect anything from the answer. okay, I thought he'd from Arts, but he was definitely not from A55, maybe A53 or something, where all the history students were. I really, I swear, I really had not expected his answer of A51.

My stomach churned. Really.

Maybe it was because the weekend before my sister had a primary 4 class gathering, and she was bursting to tell me everything about it. She went on with detailed descriptions of ALL her classmates, even those who didn't go for the gathering. Of course, I was dreading that she bring him up but she did. I'm glad that she did, because that gave me the guts to do what I did today. She was saying about how aged looking Nicholas is now. Chaulau face and everything. And that he didn't get into any JC for first three months but he's training in the VJ soccer (I hate this word, I can never spell it right. It's football you dumbasses American wannabes~) team.

Well, that little description of her reminded me of the vice-captain naturally. But of course, what has past has past, and I've more pressing and turbulent stuff going on in my life. There isn't a need to dwell on the neednots.

But knowing that this person right in front of me could clear up my doubts on a certain sighting, I decided to ask the question.

Where is X now?
Friend: Here la.
Joan: Where la? Which Faculty?
(Actually, I really was hoping that it was not Law, not Law, not Law, I was telling myself. Really.)
Friend: Law.
(Damn. That must be him.)
I actually, tried to ask if he stayed in hall, but my friend's response was the negative, but I think I was so convinced that my sighting was real that I kept giving myself excuses. It had to be him.

Really, if Nicholas could age that much in that couple of years, okay, a lot of years, I don't think I've seen Nicholas since I left Tao Nan. bah~ So, if Nicholas could age this much, it didn't seem that unlikely that X could become ugly right? And he's short. double bah~

I was saying that X looked short to my friend.
Friend: No la, he's not short. He's about my height.
Joan: But you are short.
(It came out of my mouth without me meaning to say it out loud. Really. I was just indignant that someone so good looking could deteriorate so badly.)
Our teacher heard that and started laughing. I was so paiseh lor... wahaha~

Okay, with this post, I think it's so obvious that everyone should know who my X is. He's the one with a brother by the name of Nicholas. Crap, I think the only person who might understand this are either my old friends from way back or my sister. Jane, if you read this by any chance, don't you dare ask me anything because I won't answer you anything. bleahz...

Okay, and also to make things clear, I'm not being bitter or jealous or anything of any sort. I'm just disappointed that someone who once looked so good (even though he's short) can look so bad now (because he's short). Think the main problem is boys can be cute but men can't. Joan of today cannot take cute boys at all. Between Yuki and Shuichi, I really cannot stand that whiny cute boy Shuichi and instead prefer the cool and collected Yuki.

It does help too that Yuki is six feet tall...

PS: I'm actually hesitating clicking the publish button. It's like taking my underwear out to hang for everyone to see like that. And I know some busybodies will try and fish out more information from me, or exert some over-imagination about all my words and stuff. But heck la, what's the use of having a blog when I can't be honest.

PPS: Sorry, I forgot something, if *you're* on feed, I'm so sorry. I just wanted to clarify something because *some people* seemed to have been mistaken. X is X, Rough Patch is Rough Patch, they are very different individuals. Really don't know why *some people* can get muddled up...

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