Saturday, February 24, 2007


Should I take the Test-DaF? Deutsch als Fremdsprache.

Being a student of the the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, I tend to be seen as someone among a large group of people, not so academically inclined as people from other prestigious faculties like Medicine or Law. To make my field of study seem more interesting than it is, I prefer to tell people that I'm studying European Studies, instead of saying I'm an arts student. Being a European Studies student really sounds me chi chi than it really is.

The total number of European Studies majors are about as many as our fingers in the whole university. This very small number gives my department a slightly more exclusive feel to the whole idea of being a European Studies major.

That day I was talking to my grandfather's specialist when he asked me what I was studying.
doctor: So what are you studying?
joan: European Studies.
doctor: wah... So cheem ah?
joan: no la... hehehe~

Imagine if I say some other kind of studies, I think the reaction won't be the same lor. Think, Southeast Asian studies. Probably think it's like politics ot geography or something boring. Think, Chinese Studies. One would first think of their primary school Chinese teacher man. Think, Japanese Studies. I don't know about you, but the first things I'd think of is Manga, Anime, Porn.

I think the only other kind of Studies that might induce a "wah..." reaction could be American Studies. In conclusion, I think, people all have some form of white superiority, neo-colonism mentality.

In actual fact, there isn't anything wow wow about European Studies. It's just mainly history and political science. The only maybe a bit wow wow thing is that I learn a third language. Learning another language is always some interesting and difficult and very envy-inducing. Maybe that's where the wow wow factor comes in~

Anyway, to improve my German, to do well for the Test-DaF if I decide to take it, and to improve my German grade and in turn pull up my CAP, I went down to Kinokuniya and bought two German books.

I bought a picture-word book and a krimiroman, a Donna Leon one. Hopefully my command of the language can improve. I think the most interesting part about reading the Donna Leon book is to spot the difference in the usage of "you", see when are "Sie"s and "du"s used.

I have a little dream which I shared with the daddie once. I'd really really like to have a chance to be able to work in Germany for a couple of years. Work in Herzogenaurach, work under adidas, that would be a totally fun experience, especially if I can work in the publicity or public relations or events departments, then I can travel about and meet big big football stars. That would be the ultimate cool job. Maybe I'll get to met Frank Lampard even, although he's in London.

Well, how things will work out will be dependent on what I consider as my options after I actually graduate, maybe I should work real hard and have something else in my pocket to review my options.

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