Tuesday, February 13, 2007


In a span of three consecutive weekdays I had three tests. On last Friday, another yesterday and the last one today. I haven't had so many consecutive tests for a very long time, not even last semester, wait, I don't even remember having my tests/exams being consecutive. But having too many tests isn't the subject for today.

Of the three tests, two were from the Science Faculty, and taking those tests, I realised that the teachers haven't been that creative in setting the tests. Not just not creative, these teacher plagarise the work of the students! kanasai...

There was one question from my Forensic Science test which was a question I asked the lecturer during lecture lor. Upon the hall of 400 people I questioned the potency of the Sarin Gas because the death toll wasn't as high I'd have imagined. The lecturer answered my question in quite a deadpan manner which made me look stupid and made the whole lecture hall laugh.

Then the test question came out to be quite a similar question to the one I posed. crap... And the question wasn't credited to me, I thought all ideas have to be cited and credited.

And to put salt on the wounds, the test today gave me quite another shock.

In almost my exact words, in the exact concept, one of the test questions was a question I posed in the IVLE forum lor. And worse, I didn't get an answer, or at least I still don't know what the answer is because nobody could confidently answer me. crap... And I still didn't get any credit for that question. bah~

I posed in the IVLE forum what would be the speed of light to an observer if I were to travel on a beam of light shining another beam of light behind me, and the lecturer came up with the question what would be the speed of light if a spaceship were to move left at the speed of light and shine a beam of light to the right at the back of the spaceship.

And the dumbest thing is that all the answers given by all the other students on the forum were the options given for this MCQ test. Nobody gave a definite answer to my question and naturally neither the lecturer nor the tutor answered my question. boo~

I guess this is the extent of the creativity of the Science people. bah~


Hermit said...

science is quite dead unless there is new discoveries.

oh well...

Anonymous said...

having been in there for a year, i agree. That's why i switched..

xxoos said...

hermit, you go discover lor.
aikhui, i wish we wouldn't need to cross fac mods lor... hai..

Anonymous said...

I'm not intending to take any science mod.. Going to take computing mods..

xxoos said...

i think i also don't want to do any more science modules. esp after getting my first D in my physics test.

i want to do archi ones instead~