Thursday, March 29, 2007


我喜欢 is the theme for my new header~
Instead of me being stuck in my ramp, I decided to take on a more positive outlook and bask myself with things I like.

I spent quite a lot of hours doing this thing up and over the course, I made lots of editing, including one very major thing. I was almost done with the header and ready to put it up when I realised one very grave mistake. I left of Chelsea and Werder Bremen from my list of things I like. bah~ tsk tsk Joan. So I had to remove some other stuff to fit these two logos inside. Actually I think I still have a lot of things I like but either I forgot to insert them in or I decided to leave them out. Over the course of time, I might add some other stuff or replace some other stuff I like into the header so watch out for them!

I might even want to make more randomities for the flashing of the title. Wanna guess how many different position of the title are there? hehehe... Actually, not many... Since I got lazy editing the positions and with my dire lack of creativity, I can't come up with nice and good looking patterns.

There are 24 little squares containing a different thing, so let me talk about them right now! hahaha~ I love talking about things I like.

(From left to right, up to down)

Red Rose.
I never was a person who liked flowers very much until I went to Germany and saw really huge and beautiful roses. Red ones look so sensual and sexy. I fell in love with them, especially those opened up ones, as big as my palms. Those roses we get in Singapore are from Cameron Highlands and hence are not as big as those European bloomers. So, I still don't like flowers very much.

Death of Marat.
A picture of a Frenchman. Marat. No, it's not Marat whom I like, it's the painter of this painting that I like. David. Jacques-Louis David. And his this painting Death of Marat is one of which I really like. I saw this painting in a museum in Brussels, but there was a crowd of little students over there when I saw it. I had to wait for all of them to leave before I can come up close with Marat, okay David more accurately. I once said to someone that I don't like the French, I shall take back my words, I love David, and all of his artworks. If I've like tons and tons of money to spare, I'd really like to purchase a David painting, preferably one from his French Revolution era, the other ones before and after are more classical paintings.

Salted Egg Prawns.
The person who developed the cooking of salted egg and prawns is a genius man. I love salted eggs, I love prawns, I love salted egg prawns. This plate is taken from Crystal Jade Lamian Xiaolongbao, Crystal Jade Kitchen's has whole prawns instead of small prawns. I think a lot of other zichar places now are selling this dish after CJ made them famous. I once saw somewhere in some little eatery, but I didn't try it, they have salted egg lobster. wahaha~

adidas Football.
I love adidas, there's no questioning of that. I love football, there's even more no questioning of that. This picture is me trying to tie in my two loves. I took this picture of this gigantic football myself, outside the adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach. It is a replica of the match ball used in the final of the World Cup match in Berlin.

If there's one clique of people that I love to bits, that's be 4B. Ya, sure, I have other closer friends, but 4B as a whole is my favourite group of people, and with them I shared some very very memorable stuff. From the days when we were in secondary school, and all our subsequent outings, they were all a bunch of fun. And also this group of people never fail to be there always. 12 angels + 21 devils = 4B. hehe...

Werder Bremen.
The strongest attacking team in the Bundesliga. I first came to know of Werder Bremen just after they won the Bundesliga. With the prize money and with their entry into the Champions League, they were able to purchase Miroslav Klose and I followed Miro over to Werder. After getting to know the team better, I realised that they were more than just Miro, I later fell in love with the other players, and more importantly the trainer. Schaaf is an amazing man, he was a Werder player, then became the reserve team trainer, and now finally the full team trainer. A One Club Man. Although their attacking playing often leave gaps behind them, he has been trying to rectify this problem, and I can see Werder's improvement over these couple of years.

I love xiaolongbaos. I like them juicy with the soup oozing out, hot and tasty and very very yummy. This picture is of one from Crystal Jade Lamian Xiaolongbao, other tasty xiaolongbaos I had are at Yum Cha, the Chinatown one. I don't like those from Ding Tai Fung. Asian Kitchen ones are edible. Yup... The other time I brought my family to CJ there for xiaolongbao, my dad fell in love with them, then about a week later he brought us all there to eat again. hehe~

I love him. I love him so much that he's my ideal marriage partner. I love his singing too of course, and the songs he write and compose. I love his band too. It's amazing~

I love Chelsea. I love Terry. I love Lampard. I love Jose Mourinho. I love the whole damn team. I like the way Chelsea sticks on and grinds out victories, they're a team, with team spirit, they play as a team, they win and lose as a team. I love them, not because they are a team of multi-million dollar players, I just love them as they are.

Pink Flower.
I like pink. I don't know what flower is that but I like it. It's small and cute and furry and nice, I like it because I like things that are small and cute. Like I'd use a B5 foolscap rather than A4 sized one, and my notebooks are like tiny bits of books. hehehe~ Chibi.

I took that picture of the sun myself. It was taken in Kinderdijk in Holland. I like the sun, and I like being under the sun, sometimes, when I'm in the mood. When I'm happy I like to bask in the sunlight and feel as though nature is all around me. It also has a soothing and calming effect on me.

Otto von Bismarck.
Someone asked me why is Bismarck up there. Isn't it that obvious it's because I like Bismarck? He's the creator of Germany, without him, there won't be a modernised and unified Germany. He's also a smart person, able to juggle the politics well. His Realpolitik was the balance of the European Powers. Right after he was ousted by Kaiser Wilhelm II, came the Great War. But yet under Bismarck's era, Germany was able to perfect the strategy of Blitzkrieg and won three wars. Amazing.

Doesn't it remind you of a romantic walk down the park? I think the ultimate romantic getaway would be a slow walk down a canopy of trees, sans birdshit, and holding hands and just take in the nature and the scenery.

Yuki Eiri.
I like manga and anime a lot. I like manga and anime males a lot, and I like a lot of Prince type of characters named Yuki. Someone once said that after watching too much anime and reading too many manga, my image of the perfect men is overtly perfect. But I don't think so leh... Even in the manga, the perfect men will also have their flaws.

I love cars, I love German cars, I love Mercedes-Benz. Before joining the Mercedes-Benz competition, and before going to Germany and visiting the Mercedes-Benz museum, I used to think the world of BMW, but now to think about it, Mercedes is not just a brand of a car, it's more than a car, it's a legacy. Okay, I was influenced by the advert.

I love sausages. I eat them like every day. Okay, not every day, but when the arts canteen was still open, I would buy like 4 sausages from the beehoon stall like every lecture. Sometimes I'd even make out of the way trips down to bizad just to buy their sausages. When I was in Freiburg, I'd go all the way down to the Münsterplatz just to buy sausages.

Takeshi Kaneshiro.
He is the perfect creation of the male specimen. Although I love Wubai and want to marry him, I cannot say that Wubai is drop dead good looking, nor him being perfect, but Takeshi Kaneshiro is beauty personified. There's also this mysterious allure around him which makes him even more unattainable, don't know how to describe. He's so shuai.

I need coke to put me to sleep soundly, I need coke to wake me up. I think that cokes goes well best into an empty stomach, I think that coke goes well best after a heavy meal, I think that coke is good for anytime of the day. Need I say more about the cult drink of the world? Not even when Aaron Kwok and Faye Wong were spokepeople of Pepsi I swayed. Well, maybe a bit, but not in the long run.

As much as I love the sun, I love the moon. I like nights, and during the night I love the moon. I'd love to one day go out into an open field and just bask in the moonlight. I took this picture of the moon too, set my camera to zoom in on the moon. I like the orangey hue of the moon, it's like night but not too night. 可惜 月有阴晴圆缺. But then again, maybe that's also the beauty of the moon.

And all this German. hehe~ If you can't see properly, that's a German flag, I took that picture and I like it, I like that it's fluttering in the wind. I loved Germany ever since I studied on their history. They are the most amazing nation, won three wars, lost two world wars, yet able to get on its feet again and take the world by storm, well, take the economic world, a least.

I love food. I love eating. There's nothing more I can say about it.

Gummi Bears.
Someone asked me what are the red and yellow things, erm... They are gummi bears, they are a pair of gummi bears kissing. Yes, I love gummi bears, I love the colours red and yellow, and I love kissing, well, the idea of kissing actually, okay, maybe I love the idea of two people in love kissing, okay maybe maybe whatever... Aren't the bears so cute?

Sake Sashimi.
Not sake as in Japanese alcohol, but sake as in salmon. I like salmon, raw and smoked. Fried ones are also nice, but the really good ones are the raw ones. I dip them into shoyu, okay, I soak and drench them in shoyu and eat them. It tastes so good, almost melting in the mouth, if the salmon is fresh.

Joan Ang.
Need I explain.

I wrote the Chinese characters of wo xi huan myself, with ink and paper, then uploaded it to tinker with photoshop. Nice anot my handwriting? okay, this isn't the best example of my handwriting, but well, I think it looks kinda nice, the colours I chose on the black background. I like red and yellow as I said earlier on, and blue is the colour of Chelsea.

Share with you something really dumb. My first attempt with the word xi was wrong, after I wrote it, I realised that the word looked a bit too long. I then realised I added an extra 口 somewhere in the middle. So dots lor me. Think I too long never write in Chinese already.

Okay, so tell me how does my header looks. And remind me if I forgot to add in anything I like~


Cyn said...

I love it! cool.. i think i wun b able to dosomethign so complicated.. nice good!

xxoos said...

thanks girl~
it's not that difficult to do once get the hang of photoshop actually...

Anonymous said...

What no Prof Brian Farrell

Emo said...

Fwahahaha...I was about to ask the same thing as the above reader ^^^
No Prof Farrell? He's going to be heartbroken... ;)

xxoos said...

oops... my bad, i forgot about him. *blushes* maybe i'll put him up in a second generation header instead. lol~

mrotaku said...

you forgot to add something you like. ME!!! haha joking!

xxoos said...

eh, erm... eh, umm...