Saturday, March 17, 2007

Burnt Out

Ahhh... I'm so burnt out. But it's a good kind of feeling though, at least I'm not whiling my time away reading trashy manga or watching trashy anime. And at least this busy feeling of going out is keeping my mind away from other irrelevant stuff.

Let's see, the highlights of the week.

Monday: typical Monday though, can't think of anything interesting that happened that day. Went to school late because I woke up late because I slept too much during the weekend. Had German tutorial and Cold War lecture. Used my break to read trashy manga. Oh, and I encountered that guy in the library. And I went for Union Camp interview. I feel so old among those young and motivated people, but I shall prove myself to be enthu too, after all I waited so long for this chance for me to remain in Singapore during the summer holidays. I must lose all the weight I gained in those Germany trips before the camp lor. If not I'd really be one of those typical fat and old lau seniors.

Tuesday: I had boring Physics in the morning, a solemn Imperialisms lecture after that, and my Physics tutorial after that. Imperialisms lecture was really a heavy affair on Tuesday because the topic was Japan during the war years. Hearing what DuBois described of the brutalities of the Japanese, I really don't know how I can actually enjoy my trashy mangas, and indulgent melodramas (more on that later). The biggest highlight of the day was that I completed my Physics assignment. Okay, it's not really that big a hooha, since it's only like half a question, but that I did it myself, without help, and I handed in on time, albeit by email. It's still encouraging.

Wednesday: Dental appointment. Have I ever said I hate my dentist? bah~ Don't want to go into the angry stuff, should talk more about the happy stuff. I went out~ Bought the 优克李林's concert tickets. Do you know that they are called Ukulele in English??? I didn't lor, it's such a weird name. And the happiest thing is that I ate MOS Burger~ wahaha~ It took me like so long to fulfill my cravings for fast food. I love the Chicken Teriyaki Burger, with lots and lots of mayo sauce~

Thursday: Went all the way back to school for project group meeting because this was the only time everyone was free. But the meeting was highly efficient, so it was over in a jiffy. I'm a bit not used to it leh... Think the last project group I had was last semester's Singapore Film project, we ALWAYS went off topic that we named our group Offtrack. haha~ And just went I thought about our project group, who was I to meet but dear Stephanie. So qiao lor.

Offtrack a bit, last Saturday as my dad sent me to school for the Fingerprinting Practical, he talked about some kind of Huiyi Qigong stuff. And then as I made my way to the science laboratories, me and Shuyi met this other girl doing the practical too, and her name incidentally was called Huiyi.

It was freakier on Wednesday, as I was taking bus to town, I met this guy on the bus who looked a lot like Uncle Kah Hoo (one of the my father's cousins), only that that guy was shorter and fatter and his head was bigger. I thought to myself, if I were to meet Uncle Kah Hoo or Uncle Kah King (also my father's cousin, Uncle Kah Hoo's brother, and they're staying together) outside, would they recognise me? Actually, being the older one of that generation, I'm quite familiar with them although we don't really talk. Later in the day as I was walking from Heeren down to Far East, guess who I met? Uncle Kah King. Serendipity sia...

Anyway, my point is that, I was really excited that I met Steph just when I was thinking about our group. hahaha~

Continuing with my Thursday tales, I watched a Japanese film. At first it felt a bit weird with the memories of Tuesday's lecture still ringing in my head. The bloody brutal Japanese, and then here I was crying all over some sappy improbable love story between two Japanese. Somemore, the grandmother made a reference to the war somemore, but by that time I was too caught up with the plot that my tears were streaming down like waterfall. So paiseh lor when I left the cinema.

But the main main main highlight of the day is not any of the above mentioned things. I ate Carl's Junior!!! wahaha~ I didn't know that there was Carl's Junior in Plaza Singapura lor. At first I had sort of decided eating takopachi (crap, Japanese food again! Damn those Japanese, I can't seem not to leave their crutches despite that lecture), but I saw Carl's Junior. I so love the Charbroiled Chicken Club. It has real bacon in it sia. The diet plan seems to be in the bin by now... haha...

Friday: Which is today. Physics lesson was boring as usual. But I told my plan about the term paper to my project group mate, so I'm a bit satisfied with it. German lesson was quite okay, we talked a bit about future prospects. I told my class about mein große Traum, and they all laughed at me, even Frau Niemann. But I tell you, that's probably the coolest job ever man... Then, the main highlight of the day was that I decided to give in to my craving tummy and made a long walk down to Bizad and buy sausages. Cheese Sausage. Käsewurst. yum yum. As I bit into the sausage, the cheese was like oozing out all over my teeth and my god, it was good man. Another little happy thing about today is that I picked up a couple of books to start on my Imperialisms essay. Two weeks in advance, and there were so many so many books out there. A far cry from the usual when I rush my paper like two days before and there are no books out there other than the lousy ones or the RBR ones. Forensic Science class was interesting as usual. Dr Christopher Syn whom we met on the HSA field trip before was the guest lecturer today and he is interesting. haha~

But well, I had a little disappointment before the end of the day, and let's just say that the disappointment was just a bit. I thought I would be more disappointed, but luckily, because of me already being so burnt out, and after having so much fun in the past few days, I just feel too tired to have any feelings of disappointment. jiayou Joan!

Saturday: The plan for tomorrow is that I'll be heading down to school for yet another project meeting, but I haven't prepared much stuff for tomorrow yet. I feel a bit bad seeing some people putting in so much effort into the project and I'm like giam chye like that. Must do that before I sleep.

After project, I'm going out, and I'll be buying more trashy mangas. And highlight highlight, I'll be going to Ichiban Boshi! haha... I thought about that place because I missed my Singapore Film group, we used to like hang out there for hours discussing about everything, also got discuss about the project la. haha... But then hor, Japanese food. I think of the brutalities of the Japanese during the war, and their until now refusal to apologise. grr...

Oh, and I forgot to add this very major point. My dear dozent from Uni-Freiburg finally decided that I can have my Schein. Mind you, it's dated 13.3.2007, like almost a year since my exchange programme lor. bah~ And I also finally cleared my transfer of credits. All sent over to the Dean's Office already. Whatever's to happen there is beyond my ability to control liao le. woohoo~ The feeling of being freed from my shackles~

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