Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Horror in the Library

I hadn't wanted to blog this out actually because I was afraid it's quite incriminatory to guys, but after relating my horror tale to two guys and the both of them gave me the same horrifed expression, I thought perhaps, it's not really that incriminatory to guys in general. Just to that inconsiderate person I had the unfortunate chance to come across.

I was in the library that day, waiting for time to pass. I brought a couple of my own mangas to read, but it seemed like everyone in the library was mugging which really freaked me out since I'm allergic to studying. I decided to find a nice quite corner so that no one can notice that I'm not mugging but reading some frivolous stuff, I didn't want anyone to be jealous of me.

So I picked out one of those single tables to rest upon. Most tables in the Central Library are double tables which can seat four people in a square, but the one I picked was at a corner, and it seats only two people. Usually when a person occupies a table, not many people would want to squeeze with them, it's like an infringement in space, unless the library is really packed, then really got no choice. So I thought no one would share the table with me. But honestly, I didn't mind someone sharing the table with me. Just that I hadn't expected it...

I was happily reading my manga, totally engrossed in it, not lifting my head up to see much of the surroundings. Then suddenly, the table shaked. I ignored it because I was too wrapped up in the fictional world. Then the table shaked a bit more, and there were knocking noises, then the table started vibrating continuously, then a loud windows start up tune rang. Unable to control my curiosity, I looked up. This guy set his computer infront of me and started using it. Really, even though I hadn't expected to share my table to anyone else, I didn't mind it, so I went back into the manga world and ignored his presence. I sat back on my chair so that I didn't touch any part of the table and not be affected by any movement on the table. It was also more comfortable leaning back.

I went on reading my mangas. Suddenly, I smelled this wave of stinkiness. It smelled like stale gym socks. I tried to ignore it, and concentrated hard on my manga. But after a while, I really couldn't stand that smell anymore. Although I knew it was rude to look around and search for the source of the smell, I lifted my head up and wanted to look around. I needn't have to seach far, once I lifted up my head, I saw this guy right in front of me.

His hair was all wet.
His face was all wet. I could see all the droplets of water, on his forehead, sides, all over.
And the most horrifying thing was that his eyes were closed and he was breathing hard.
He was sweating like a pig. Really. And that's still an understatement.
He was sweating like a pig!!!

I freaked out la, but I couldn't do anything. I went back straight to my manga and buried my head in it. But the smell because worse, I think also partly because of my psychological reaction, and I couldn't concentrate on my reading.

Then I tried inching away from the table and slunk down as far back into my chair as possible and tried to position my head as far away from that guy as possible. I got so far away from that guy until I could see the bottom of the table. And guess what I saw? I saw his feet!!! He took his feet out of his shoes. OMG... I almost puked.

I won't be that bad if he was wearing slippers since slippers can air out the feet a little and there isn't much difference in a feet with or without slippers, but shoes? Without socks, and taking them out? Oh gross. I almost puked when I saw it. I tried to hide my gaze from the feet and leaned forward onto the table, but the sweat smell was too strong, so I tried to rest my head on my arm hoping that I can smell my washing detergent smell instead of other weird smells, but it was useless.

The physical smell wasn't that much of a significance anymore since the psychological trauma already affected me very badly and I was imagining the smell to be worse than it actually is. I couldn't read any more. And I still had some time to waste before I can leave the library and head to my next destination.

After sitting there and struggling through two more pages, I finally decided that I've reached the threshold of my limit. I gathered my stuff, walked three tables away and plonked down at a new seat. I didn't bear to look at that guy there anymore. But the girl I sat opposite to saw me walk over and sit down. She gave me a weird stare. I didn't know how to react to that and just buried my head back to my books and breathed some cool stale air-condition air.


chillycraps said...

what the... you must have felt so invaded lor!

sigh, not sure if anyone dares to tell the person straight that his smell is affecting others. And, that stupid girl who gave that stare, you could have suggested her to sit beside that guy. =P

aikhui said...

i simply have no comments.... If you told me this face to face, I think I would give you the wide eyed stare too... think I'm being racist here, but did he look like he came from somewhere far north of Singapore? =P

xxoos said...

chillycraps: that girl isn't stupid la, think she's more curious than being mean. i'd be curious too if i saw someone changed seats. erm... i don't dare tell that guy... i'm not that mean... hehe~

aikhui: he looks local, or maybe malaysian chinese, but i'd think the probability of a local is higher.