Monday, July 09, 2007

Food Food Food

... and even more food...

NOTICE: I'll be away for Union Camp from tomorrow until the end of the week. If I'm feeling bored I'll resume blogging on Sunday, if not then I don't know when already. haha~ So, until then, I decided to be a nice person and blog this extremely long piece with tons of pictures too, very tantalising pictures somemore. Indulge and miss me loads!

Because of problems with my handphone memory card, I've been taking out my big trusty camera and have been taking quite a lot of nice pictures of the stuff that I've been eating. Most of them were used for previous blog entries for specific food reviews or other kind of write ups, but but but as I was going through my folders, I realised that there are a lot more good food that just haven't been featured and a lot of possible food reviews that I've been procrastinating. And since I'm too lazy and pressed for time to review all of those food, I've decided to compact them and give only mini reviews, so here they are. Treat it like it's a review a day for all the days that I won't be blogging in the upcoming week or so~

food. botak jones and cafe cartel
Western fare.
I love western food because of all the meat and carbos which are so deadly but so yummy. Joan's maxim, if it ain't unhealthy, it ain't taste no good. hahaha...

Botak Jones.
This marks the second time I've been to Botak Jones even though I want to go there much more often, but all the Botak Jones are all so far away from my place. Being there the second time, I know that it's best to go there at 3-4pm because there's no queue, no long waiting times and better service. I had the jumbo hot dog, first time trying it and it's really good. It goes especially well with the mustard. I haven't found any good hot dog that goes well with a good mustard sauce ever since I returned from Germany. My kaki had the botak burger. We shared the fries and I gave away all my onions. While I remember to request for non-spicy fries, I forgot to request without onions.

The portion was filling and extremely satisfying because the food was good. Even though we shared the fries, we all were stuffed after finishing the meal. And did I mention that the hot dog was really good with the mustard sauce? I love yellow mild mustard, but I only take mustard if there isn't cheese with the hot dog and I usually would choose cheese over mustard. But after this experience, I think I'll choose mustard over cheese the next time. But then, there are still so many other stuff I want to try from Botak Jones leh...

Cafe Cartel.
I love lagsane, it's like one of my comfort foods. So here I was craving for lagsana with loads and loads of cheese, and there I went to Cartel and tried out their lagsane for the first time. I'm a long running Cartel fan but it's so weird that this is the first time I'm trying their lagsane, and boy, it's good~ The serving was really huge, and the meat was finely grounded with very generous portions of cheese and tomatoes. Their tomato sauce was really sweet and savoury and very delicious.

Because we were in the mood for sharing, okay, because I wanted to eat a greater variety of food, I shared with my kaki the lagsane and koped some of the pork and french fries in return. The pork is very tender, a bit too tender for my liking, I prefer tougher meat. The sauce was still okay but the pineapples were a bit weird. One thing I did not like about the pork was that it cooled very rapidly and the taste of the pork after it cooled was a huge difference from the warm pork, the cold pork was quite bad. The fries were good, as all fried food are, but there's a special mention of the vegetable side. There was zucchini in it, think one or two slices only but I gobbled them up quickly enough that I forgot to share with my kaki. oops...

food. carls junior
Carl's Junior.
I love Carl's Junior for their humongous burgers, their preference to stick to normal bacon rather than switch to fake bacons just to obtain that halal certificate and render all us pork loving eaters a great disservice.

It seems like Someone only has Carl's Junior when he's with me, that must say that I'm really one big pig. I had my usual favourite the Charbroiled Chicken Club with constitutes one huge chicken breast meat with cheese, bacon, tomatoes and lettuce. He had some other kind of burger. It's beef, so I don't bother much about it, I can't kope it anyway. haha... I like to upsize my fries to the criss cross fries because they remind me of curly fries, criss cross fries taste better than the normals ones, so well, criss cross fries. Other than because of the criss cross fries, I don't really see the incentive for a person to upsize his meal because drinks are free flow! But it really doesn't matter la, how much can one drink? After eating so much, the stomach also no place to fit the drinks in.

Oh and have I mentioned that the bacon is absolutely orgasmic? We should have more Carl's Junior and Subway and other food stall that provide bacon around.

food. donut factory
Donut Factory.
Just to check out what the fuss is all about.

Recently there has been this donut/doughnut craze all over, with people queuing up for hours in Raffles City just to get some donuts, and more crazily people carrying tons of Krispy Kreme back from overseas. Truth to be told, I'm not a donut person. The last time I had donuts was when I was in Berlin and waiting for someone and having nothing to do, and I only had two pieces then. Before that two donuts in Berlin, the last time I had donuts was probably during the primary school days when I still ate lots of bread. But despite me not being a donuts person, I wanted to see what all the hype was about.

So one fine day Someone went down at 12pm to start queuing up, I came at 12.45 after running some errands. Actually, I went to buy movie tickets, for a 4.55pm show, because I thought that we would be right on time after a four hour queue to get the donuts and go for the show. But we were so wrong! At 4pm, we were still nowhere near the middle of the queue and we did the unthinkable, after queuing for four hours, we dropped out of the queue. We couldn't possibly miss our movie mah...

We had to go down a second time, this time Someone made it down at 11am while I arrived at about 12.30pm because I'm such a pig and I can't wake up early. We were significantly more front of the queue and after three hours, we got the donuts. I think the problem with the long queues is that the replenishing of the donuts isn't as quick as the flow of the customers. Anyway, my first reaction on getting the donuts is to try them out. To try if a donut is good, always go for the glazed ones. I bit into it and indeed it was good. It was soft and fluffy and wnough sweet but not too sweet, just right for my taste. After that I tried the double chocolate one and it was also very good. Chocolates is always good, so it's not so much of the donuts.

Worth the wait? Only if you're like me and have nothing better to do I guess.

food. fish and co
Fish and Co.
It seems like everytime I go to Parkway with Huijing we'd end up eating Fish and Co.

Again, because we both wanted to eat a variety of stuff we decided to order two items then share. This is the first time I tried the seafood platter and it was good. I liked the prawns and calamari, well, it's because I like prawns and calamari, but this prawns and calamaris were fresh and good, so I love them more. The seasonal fish was a tad disappointing because it was just a little portion. The rice was fragrant, but I'm not a rice person so I munched on the fries more. The fries are the best when eaten with the tartar sauce. I always ask for an extra cup of tartar sauce because I'd eat so much of it.

The fish and chips were normal, well, not normal normal but normal good, it's always so good that it's become something normal. Usually if I eat the fish and chips alone, I tend to get sick of the fish towards the end of the meal. Sharing eliminates this problem from arising, and funnily, it made me crave for the fish even more. A very satisfying meal indeed.

food. hong kong street
Hong Kong Street.
The Blk 18 Bedok South one, at the coffee shop nearer to the POSB atm one.

I was there on a previous occasion eating something else when I saw the picture of the Crab Beehoon, and since then I had strong cravings for Crab Beehoon, but because I have a wonderful daddie willing to bring us out to eat, we went there for Crab Beehoon, much to my sister's dismay because she had originally wanted to eat Crystal Jade's porridge. We ordered the baby kailan, my favourite vegetable because I wasn't ingesting enough vegetables in my diet (see above and below pictures) and my sister satisfied herself with the hotplate toufu, and my parents had a bowl of sliced fish soup. The first picture I took of the soup didn't show any fish because the fish were all at the bottom, I had to ladle it to get a shot of the fish.

My parents had a bowl of rice to share between themselves but the beehoon was more than enough for me. I just love beehoon, I had beehoon earlier in the day, but I still found myself capable for more beehoon for the dinner. And the crab, it was good~ Since my daddie loves me, I got the crab claw, the bigger crab claw I should say. haha~ Just blogging about it and looking at the picture make me feel like eating crab beehoon again.

food. subway and mof
Dinner and desserts with Yanwei.
We originally wanted to go MOF for dinner cum desserts but don't know why we went to Subway for dinner instead then went to MOF for the dessert.

Actually, I don't know what to say about Subway except that I love it, and I love it because it has real bacon. I repeat, fake bacon, ie turkey bacon, is not bacon, there is only one type of bacon and it is made from pork, period. I had my usual favourite Subway Melt, which is a toasted sandwich of bacon, turkey breast and ham with melted cheese, and I had my sandwich as always with only lettuce and honey mustard. Yanwei was nice and gave me a cookie so I picked the only without nuts flavour. The Subway cookies are more of the soft kind of cookies which I don't prefer, I prefer crunchy ones, my favourite cookie is still Famous Amos no nut ones.

The day before we met Yanwei was already saying he wanted to eat that red bean dessert from MOF, and suaku me never even heard of MOF, and just a couple of minutes after he glowed over the red bean dessert, I came across Cindy's blog mentioning her visit to MOF and that red bean dessert was too sweet for her liking. Bearing that in mind, I decided to pick a more conventional dessert from MOF, the Mango Ice Cream thingie. It was good~ Anything with mango is definitely a winner.

Because I was feeling for some salmon, I ordered the salmon sashimi too. At first I ordered to share, but later my greed overcame me and I ate the salmon all by myself giving Yanwei the excuse to poke fun of me again. In return I forced him to help me take a picture of me with my food. I look like one little act cute greedy girl. But the salmon was good la. The colour was bright and appetising, and the salmon was kept chilled with the ice on the serving plate. Nice and fresh~

food. superdog and pastamania
With Cindy at Vivocity.
We were supposed to meet for lunch but because of various reasons we ended up meeting late and had tea and then decided to eat dinner out too.

I've been wanting to try out Superdog for the longest time already since I love hot dogs and sausages and Superdog touting itself as the best hot dog fast food chain just calls out to me. I chose to try this hot dog with bacon wrapped around and tomatoes topped on the dog. erm... The hot dog tasted pretty normal, like something I can get anywhere for lesser cost somemore. I was pretty disappointed. Especially when Dong Dae Mun is just outside selling very tasty jumbo sausages, I don't see myself compelled to go to Superdog just for a hot dog. But but but kudos to Superdog for using real bacon! The Superdog fries were surprisingly a nice eat, the fries were chunky types so it was fluffy inside and not too salty.

I have my usual favourite Marinara from Pastamania. I love seafood. I love prawns squids clams and everything from the sea, well, almost everything. And I love tomato based pasta, I usually have tomato based ones unless I'm craving for cream, then cravings are a different story. haha... I must have my pasta spaghetti because I love spaghetti. haha~ I don't know why but I think pasta must be spaghetti unless I'm making macaroni and cheese. I enjoy twirling my spaghetti and I like the al dente-ness of spaghetti, it's like hard hard QQ one, I like.

food. sushi tei
Sushi Tei.
I also ate sushi there but sushis are like so common that I didn't bother to take pictures of them. Here are the yummy stuff.

The sushis in Sushi Tei isn't really that value for money since there's a staggered pricing scheme there, and not wanting to waste my money on sushi which I know I can get cheaper and more value for money ones out there, I decided to order a side dish having it as my mains. Baked salmon in creamy mushroom sauce it was. Any boy, it was well worth it price, there were three pieces of salmon in there and the sauce was so creamy and good that I almost wanted to order a bowl of spaghetti to have with the cream. And there were so many mushrooms inside that I can eat the mushrooms by itself as a side dish. It's something I'd want to have again the next time I go Sushi Tei.

Because my kaki wanted to order desserts, I was compelled to get a dessert for myself. Because of my comparison with my favorite suhsi place Ichiban Boshi, I ordered the Peach Sherbet so that I can make comparisons with Ichiban Boshi's Peach Sorbet which I love. The sherbet is cheaper than the sorbet, but the sorbet feeds more than the sherbet, so no winners on the price factor. When the sherbet came, I was a little disappointed by the plastic container because the sorbet came with a real peach, but upon tasting the sherbet, I immediately floated among the clouds. But I can't really compare the sherbet with the sorbet because they are inherently very different. The sherbet is a yoghurt ice cream, so it has cream, so the texture is smoother, creamier and sweeter with a stronger peach taste. The sorbet is without cream and more acidic, but because of it well done-ess, there isn't a sourish taste in Ichiban Boshi's Sorbet. I like both~ And in the end I was so captivated by the sherbet cup that I asked the waitress to help me rinse it so I can bring it back home. The lovely waitress even gave me a plastic bag to carry the pretty pink plastic peach-shaped cup.

food. swensons
My sister's favourite eating place, because there are desserts.

We ordered a couple of starters and a couple of mains and a dessert to share among the family. Actually we ordered another main but it didn't arrive and we were enough full that we decided to cancel the order rather than waiting for it to arrive. Think we also ordered another serving of fries, but not pictured in here because I think I forgot to take a picture of it. haha... Me bad...

I like the fried mushrooms from Swensons, with or without the tartar sauce, it tastes really yummy. I didn't quite like the wings that day, it was a tad bit spicier than usual I don't know why, maybe the sauce was more generous that day perhaps. The fried chicken was not bad, enough to share around with the family. My sister had most of the cream salmon and mushroom spaghetti to herself, but I koped a bit from her to taste. It's not bad, but somehow, I think if I've spaghetti to go with the salmon with cream mushroom sauce from Sushi Tei (see above), it'd be better than that my sister was eating. haha~

For desserts, we had the topless five. Five scoops of ice cream without any toppings, enough to go around our little family of four, and we're all not big fans of toppings either. We each chose a flavour with my sister chooseing two. My parents picked chocolate, so we got two scoops of chocolate, I had mango and my sister had strawberry and mint. Our conclusion was that each ice cream tasted very good on it's own but when it's all melted into a goo, that mixture is gross, plain gross.

food. yum cha
Buffet again, for $15nett, very worth it. Pictures only show a sample portion of food and there were a lot more food that went unpictured.

I took pictures of my favourites. Hargau siewmais, and the xiaolongbao, I can eat two baskets of each everyday and not grow sick of it, ever. But enough of the dimsums, I want to introduce some of the side dishes today. Softshell crab and fried squids. The softshell crab is really good, it's fried Chinese style, not Japanese style, so it's a different kind of taste, but the crab is still the crab, I prefer eating the meatier parts of the crab, but in all it's still so crispy that everything just goes into my mouth. The fried squids are also Chinese style, but it comes pretty close to calamari, especially when it's served with a chilled Chinese styled mayo sauce. I preferred mine plain even though I love mayo, I don't quite like Chinese styled mayo I guess. The egg tarts the obligatory dessert picture. I seldom order egg tarts as dessert because I prefer my desserts to be chilled, but because it was buffet, the the egg tarts came before anything else arrive, and we were famished so we had the egg tarts first. Of course, me and my kaki both had our share of chilled desserts at the end of the meal.

Okay, I'm finally done with the post, ten food pictures so many more eating places for you to salivate all over.

Until next week, ciao~


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Superdog's chili dog? Their cheeseburger? Spicy italian sausage?

Anonymous said...

yumcha's buffet $15nett.
include all those fried squid n soft shell crab????....

what's the buffet timing???

thanks alot :)

xingyi said...

oh my god... all the food look so darn sinful but so darn good too!!! OMG!!! I miss all the dim sum, fish & co fillet etc etc... I am so sick of indian food lor... I wanna puke liao.. haha... Ok, i'm gg back to sg soon... I heard there's gg to be a 4B outing soon. This time u must recommend a good place with good food for us to go!!! Yippee!!

cindy said...

Baked salmon in creamy mushroom sauce... I WANT!!! i nv see that in the menu the last time i went to sushi tei leh.. wahh.. i love mushrooms and i love salmon.. wah.. i must try that!!

xxoos said...

anon 1: nope, i don't take beef, neither do i take spicy stuff, so i'd never be able to try out any of those you recommended.

anon 2: the $15nett promo is over already, so buffet now is at $16.80++ from 3pm to 6pm weekdays only. yes! it includes soft shell crabs and the fried squids.

xingyi: when you come back to singapore we can always go out and eat again. and we can eat all the food that you miss~ hmm... i haven't heard anything about the outing but will keep my ears open about it.

cindy: it's in the menu! we go eat some time ba, then i show you where it is. haha~ only $9+ only, very worth it~

Agagooga said...

Wah you very yao kwei ah

xxoos said...

no la, i'm just a big big foodie only la... hahaha~